What is Liturgical Dance? 
Worshipping God in dance has a rich Biblical tradition. There are many references in scripture regarding the use of dance as a form of joyous celebration and meaningful worship. Our focus is to enhance the worship service in the same way that combined voices in our chancel choir enhances our hymns, or the addition of various musical instruments enhances the choir. Dance offers an enormous range of forms and expressions in worship.

How old (or young) do I need to be to join one of the dance troupes? 

Youth in 4th grade and up are invited to join Aldersgate’s Liturgical Dance Troupes. 

  • Mini Movers | 4th - 5th Grade
  • Junior Movers | 6th - 8th Grade
  • Miracle Movers | 9th - 12th Grade

Do I need to have dance training in order to participate? 
The program is designed to introduce and build on the fundamentals of dance and everyone is welcome, at all levels. Our process of working on a dance is a learning experience that will develop the dancer in you. Throughout the year, our troupe grows in both ability and spirituality as they learn to express themselves through dance. A new troupe forms each fall.

How often do we rehearse and perform? 
The dancers perform for special services and when asked by the Pastors to enhance a service with our dancing. When we are preparing for a service, we rehearse on Sunday afternoons for about 6 weeks prior to that service. 

What kind of commitment do I need to make to the troupe? 
The members of our troupe are given a rehearsal schedule for each dance we perform. You do not have to commit to every performance to be part of the troupe. However, if you do commit to a performance it is important that you attend all of the rehearsals for that specific dance.


Coordinator of Creative Ministries | Allison Horner